Who we are

Our association was established in December 2008 under the name "Ανθρώπινος Κύκλος Προσφοράς"(Human Offer Cycle). Incorporated for a while in Κ.E.D.A. until December 2010, providing substantial assistance to 85 families.
As our fellow citizens needs dramatically increase this period we are going through, the resumption of our action was needed more than ever.
So in March 2012, we took action again with the new name "Αίγινα... Εθελοντής (Aegina...Volunteer, also sounds like "I became volunteer in greek) για τον Άνθρωπο και το Περιβάλλον(for People and the Environment)" and this time we offer assistance to 178 families.
Our organization is staffed by 60 volunteers with active participation. It is based solely on voluntary and is not subsidized by any goverment body.
We coorporate with the Food Bank Group Vassilopoulos, who supplies us once a month with food and cleaning supplies, Super Market ANEDIK Kritikos, certain professionals of Aegina and members who contribute monthly, either financially or in kind, according to the needs presented.
Our goal is:
· To support, relief and improve the quality of life for families in need in our place in material and spiritual level.
· Collection and delievery of food and other relief items on a monthly basis
· Collection and disposal of clothing and footwear
· Collection and disposal of household goods
· Creation of a network of coorporation with agencies
· Cultural events, in order to gather relief items

Actions for the environment:

·Actions to protect the environment


·Training courses with bodies coorporation

·Public awareness for environmental protection methods

Board from 2016:
Pyrounaki Athena, Triantafyllou Xeni, Mertikas Lukas, Karanastasi Froso, Maltezos Nektarios

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